Ethnic Diversity in the Cell Movement

I’ve been reflecting a lot lately on the worldwide ethnic diversity of the cell church movement. I’m planting a church here in Moreno Valley that is mainly reaching cuacasions/whites. Yet, last Wednesday I gave a mini-cell seminar at a Spanish cell church down the street. Two weeks earlier I did a cell seminar in Freemont, CA, in which half of the pastors on staff were Asian.  I’m reminded of the ethnic variety that exists in the United States and how cell church ministry works among this diversity.  I’m also stimulated to make a new effort to reach that mix–since my city is 38% hispanic, 32% white, and 18% Asian.

North America must increasingly be seen from the perspective of a great variety of colors and cultural diversity. The white population of California, for example, is now officially a minority race. Los Angeles, like many urban centers, is now brown and black. Even the suburbs have been transformed. Entire suburban neighborhoods are dominated by Vietnamese, Armenians, Chinese, and Koreans. 

The beauty of the worldwide cell church movement is that indivdiual cells can have their own flavor, whether that flavor is a particular ethnic group, age group, marital status, or addiction that the group is seeking to overcome. Those diverse cells then come together to celebrate God’s glory and His rich diversity.

One of the reasons God is using the cell church movement worldwide is because it’s not based on one model that only works in one culture. It’s able to reach people wherever they are and whoever they are.

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 Joel Comiskey

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