Go Get Your OWN Stories

Rob Campbell here.

Elie Wiesel wrote, “God made man because he loves stories.”

It was a hot summer day in Texas and the lawn needed attention.

I started up my Snapper and strapped on my Walkman (the forerunner to the Ipod—I trust you remember those days).  I enjoy outdoor work.  I find it a time when God speaks to me.  Actually, God was speaking to me through Jimmy Seibert of Antioch Church in Waco, Texas.

Jimmy was telling stories of how God was moving through various individuals around the globe.  The stories were moving and I was stoked.  He concluded his talk by saying, “Go get your own STORIES.” 

As you labor day in and day out with leading a cell (or a cell church), are you remembering how powerfully God is moving around the globe?  His-story is spreading throughout the world.

      *Every DAY at least 74,000 more people across the globe come to faith in Christ.

      *3,083 new believers every hour

      *Perhaps 30,000 each day are in China

      *An average of 3,500 new churches are opening every week worldwide.

      *China in 1950: 1 million believers; China Today: 80 million

       *Africa: 20,000 daily added to the Body of Christ.  Africa was 3% Christian in 1900 and is over 50% Christian today.

As one peruses the gospel accounts, you see that Jesus’ life was not an essay. His life’s purpose was not to spearhead a systematic theology that might be passed down through the generations.   The gospels do not record one long sermon in which Jesus pontificates a philosophy of life.  Instead, you discover that Jesus’ life was a story.  His story has transformed billions of lives and remains the most inspiring, penetrating and awe-inspiring story ever heard. 

BLOG ON IN!!  Share a story with this community of how God is working in your midst.  Simply share a few sentences or paragraphs and be used by God to encourage others.

Love to hear from you today,

Rob Campbell

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