Team Ministry (part 2)

Monday’s blog highlighted the reasons for team ministry. But what about the practicalities?

First and foremost, those on a team should exemplify love for God, wife, and family. Second, team members should be  totally committed to the cell vision. They should be on the team, in fact, because they’ve clearly demonstrated their commitment to cell leadership, either my leading and multiplying a cell group in the past or currently leading one. Third, their lives should line up with the Biblical requirements listed in 1 Timothy 3 and Titus 1 (in my book Leadership Explosion, I go into great detail about the Biblical requirements for leadership).

When the team comes together the senior leader–whether called lead pastor, lead elder, or senior pastor–should start out on a relational/spiritual note. This is a great time to share from Scripture and speak truth ito team members. I like to follow the sharing time with prayer, encouraging each team member to pray.

Next is a time to review the progress of the cell groups. In our weekly Wednesday team meeting, for example, we each have a sheet of paper that tells us:

1. How many cells we’d like to see at the end of the year (our goal)
2. Names of people who we perceive to be future cell leaders
3. A list of each cell with the attendance in the cell from the previous week

We then talk about each cell group, allowing team members to share what they know about the cell, the leader, potential problems, praise reports, etc.
In this way we truly pastor the church–rather than mainly focusing on programmatic details. Since the cells are the base of the church, going over each cell is essential to properly care for the Christ’s church.

After discussing the cells, we cover additional issues in the church, such as celebration service, various ministries, calendar items, etc.

Our weekly team meeting lasts approximately two hours. .

You might do it differently, and that’s fine. The key is to remember that the team guides the cell-driven strategy for the glory of Jesus Christ.

What have you found essential in team ministry?

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