The Myth of the Do-it-all Cell Church Pastor

Myth: Any pastor can lead a cell church
Truth: Cell church leadership demands administration and attention to detail.

I’ve reflected on this for a long time. I’ve worked with pastors who just didn’t make it in cell ministry. And then I’ve had the joy of witnessing pastors who were perfectly cut out for cell church life.

Often the difference between those who successfully make it and those who fall by the way side is attention to details. Some pastors love the thrill of the pulpit and especially the attention of numerous people hearing them each Sunday. They live for the Sunday morning service. Often these same pastors have zero administration skillls. They take every counseling appointment that walks through the church. They feel the need to be at every social gathering.

The fact is that the senior leader in the cell church must delegate to others. Cell ministry, in fact, is all about empowering the lay people to do the work of the ministry. Those who are leading cells must be trained, coached, and kept under quality control through some kind of statistical follow-up. The senior pastor and his team must administrate those who are doing the work of the ministry.

The good news is that pastors who don’t naturally pay attention to detail can find those who are more administratively oriented. But I’ve found that some pastors are so disorganized that they don’t organize themselves to the point of finding help!

What are your thoughts on this topic?


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