The Myth of Cell Church and the Western World

Myth: cells don’t work in North America and other western cultures (e.g., Europe, Australia)
Truth: Very few strategies work in North America and the western culture.Yet, cell church works better than any other strategy for long term health and growth .I’ve heard this argument over and over from a wide variety of sources. This myth states that while cell church works great in Africa, Asia, and South America, the cell strategy doesn’t work in the western world. .

The fact is that very few strategies truly WORK in the western world. Statiticians tell us that church attendance has dwindled in North American from a high of 65% after World War II to the current 18%. Yet, those same statistics tell us that the cell church strategy is not only the healthiest strategy but also allows churches to grow the fastest–even in the western world. In my book Cell Church Solutions: Transforming the Church in North America, I go into detail about growing cell churches throughout North America.

Granted, planting a cell church in North America or transitioning an existing traditional church is very difficult in the western world. The spiritual receptivity level is much lower in the west than in places like Africa, Asia, and South America. Wealth and affluence has caused many to live secular, isolated lives, rather than focusing on spiritual priorities. The fact is that Europe and North American are now mission fields, rather than the source of missionary zeal.



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