The Myth about Growing to be a Mega Cell Church

  • Myth: It’s desireable to grow to mega church status
  • Truth: It’s better to plant cell churches at a smaller size

God has called some to be apostles (Ephesians 4, 1 Corinthians 12). Those in the cell church movement who have apostolic leadership gifts can grow their churches to mega-church status.

Yet the vast majority of pastors are not apostles. And the truth is that planting smaller churches is far more healthy than trying to grow one huge mega-church. Christian Schwarz and Natural Church Development research have made it crystal clear that church plants do a much better job of actually winning souls, baptizing members, and ministering to particular needs than the mega churches—they are1600 times more effective! (Natural Church Development, Carol Stream, IL: ChurchSmart Resources, 1996, pp. 46-48).

I do believe that some cell churches will grow to mega proportion and that’s great, but this isn’t the norm or the goal. Many cell churches stay very simple, growing to 50, 75, or 100 and then planting new cell churches.




1 thought on “The Myth about Growing to be a Mega Cell Church

  • I have gone to a handful of mega churches. Here are some observations (disturbing) that I have made. The ones I have gone to (albeit not all) do not have Bibles for parissioners to read, or someone coming off the street to read and have a seed planted. They all have elaborate stages, props, concert style music…as though everyone who came there are there to be entertained (and yet can’t afford God’s word!!)..? Now while some people are plainly there to worship in song, it just didn’t seem like that was the majority or the goal. The music, rarely do the songs ever actually say Jesus or God the Almighty…meaning my concern is that when they say “God” (which is actually rare) it could mean any god. The song could relate to Ishtar or some old pagan gods, and I am not saying that is what the writers were implicating or intending. But to be politically correct, this is a good option. So really anyone who came off the street wouldn’t be offended if they did not worship God of Abraham, Isaac and the like. Many of the Mega Churches offer coffee and snacks…at a price! Did they just skip over the verses in Matthew where Jesus became irate at the people selling at the Temple!!
    And in one sermon that always comes to mind, this pastor was preaching adultery. His message was “If you feel bad, if you feel convicted, that what you did (adultery) then you should repent and seek God.” Never once did he call out sin is a sin! Only if you feel bad. This pastor read one verse (and pardon me for not remembering which verse it was exactly, but I was stunned thoughout the whole service and my spirit was wanting me out…quick) and nothing about it was relevant to his sermon. When you read out just ONE verse to a congregation (in which not everyone has a Bible and the Bibles are in the pews), you can take it out of context. Also, these churches claim to not make people feel uncomfortable! If you are doing something wrong it is the church’s (body of Christ) responsibility to point you in the right direction. I can go on and on about this.
    How do you kill a rat? You don’t kill it with straight poison. Give it only 10% poison and 90% good. It will never know the difference until it is too late. While I am sure some Mega churches do seek God and his direction, my belief is that most are not. These churches are taking away good strong Christians, making them dumb to the word and consequences are to follow. My only hope is that His word doesn’t turn void and that some good will come out of it. The holy spirit is disturbed in me. Joel, I would really like to hear you comments to this. Thank-you.

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