The Myth of Copying a Coaching Model

Myth: Once you have a coaching model, stick by it
Truth: Change rapidly lest you’re left behind; always be innovating

It’s our natural instinct to see the success of another cell church and want something similar. God does want to reach new people and disciple them through His church. The problem is that cell models don’t bring life–they are just the outward skin of the fruit beneath. When a pastor tries to copy a model cell church, the pastor loses his own creativity.

I was in a church recently that made the mistake of trying to follow the G12 model in its entirety. People in the church were forced into a rigid structure. It felt uncomfortable. The church finally abandoned it. I tried to share with them that principles, not models, bring life, yet this church was hesitant to try again because of the failed model approach to ministry.

The founder of any model normally has the freedom to change and adapt at will, but those who copy models lose that freedom.  I believe, in fact, that we must keep innovating in order to stay relevant. If we copy someone else’s model in its entirety, there is the danger of always being several steps behind, which will force us to play “catch-up.”   For example, if you try to copy Cho’s model or Elim’s model 100%, what will you do when they change?

Discover the cross-cultural principles of the church and implement those Biblical principles, rather than the model itself.



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