What is a Healthy Cell?

The Pastoral Team of Cypress Creek Church is in the process of an exercise I wanted to share with this blogging community.  Simply put, we are “re-defining” what characteristics make up a healthy cell?  We have done this exercise time and time again over the last 15 years and have found it helpful in refocusing us for the task at hand.

Below, you will see plenty of ideas from at least ten pastors at CCC.  Once again– the question– “What is a healthy cell?”  Here we go:

Service (Others Centered), Fellowship, Accountability, Leadership Development, Word-centered, Christ’s Presence in the cell, Individual prayer voiced for each other in the cell gathering, Living life with each other outside of cell gathering, Inviting others consistently, Cell leader praying each day for cell members, Weekly contact by cell leader to each cell member, Multiplication, Seeing new people in the cell on a consistent basis, Changed lives, Shared leadership, Consistency (in meetings and vision casting), Spiritual growth of cell members, Experience the `awe’ of God together, Welcoming of change, Relationship development, Actively seek those not connected to Jesus or a cell, Missional (service to others), Bless (relationships that bless), Belong (people feel they belong), Belief (beliefs are visible in the lives of people), Birth (new people becoming Christ followers), Gifts of the Spirit are apparent in cell gathering/cell life, AND….Passionate Worship.

Our team’s task is to winnow these many ideas concerning a healthy cell to five characteristics.  Further, we would desire for these characteristics to be measurable in some form or fashion.  A daunting task?  Probably so.  Do we need help?  You bet!  That’s where your contribution would be appreciated. 

I would be delighted if 10-20 people in this community would take a few minutes and give us your opinion.  What would you say are five characteristics of a healthy cell?  May I encourage you to be creative… think outside the box… and craft something that would really “wow” cell church leaders throughout the world??  You may be used of God to enrich many cell leaders/churches around the globe.

Comments, PLEASE!!



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