Don’t allow FAILURE to deter you

Myth: if you fail once in cell church ministry, don’t try again

Truth: you need to be willing to fail several times to get it right

Cho once said that you have to fail at least three times in attempting to do cell church ministry to get it right. Cho’s word strike an important chord with all of us who have attempted to transition to the cell model or plant a cell church–or even lead a cell group! Rather than allowing failure to dominate us and sap our strength, we must learn from our mistakes and keep moving forward.

Sadly, so many give up. I was in a church recently that tried to transition to cell church ministry by copying another model. They failed badly. Many were hurt. When I graciously pointed out why they failed, the pastor acknowledged my words, but simply did not want to try again.

The fact is that we will all fail as we move forward in cell ministry. You will have to fine-tune, perfect, and discover better ways to make cell ministry work in your context. There are no magical formulas. The key is diligently pressing on in the face of obstales. Fail forward, not backwards. Remember that failure is the back door to success. Abraham Lincoln is such a great example of pressing on in the face of defeat.

 In 1832, he lost the election to become senator.
 In 1833, his personal business failed.
 In 1835, his wife died.
 In 1836, he had a nervous break-down.
 In 1838, he was defeated in his race for the House of Representatives.
 In 1843, he lost the election to Congress.
 In 1848, he lost the congressional election for the second time.
 In 1849, his application to the registry office was denied.
 In 1854, he was defeated in the election to become a U.S. senator for the third time.
 In 1856, he lost the election for vice-president of the U.S.
 In 1858, he once again lost a key congressional election.
 In 1860─ after 28 years of failure─he won the U.S. presidency.

Abe Lincoln wasn’t deterred by his failures. He allowed his failures to create in him strength of character and the fortitude to press on. He remained diligent in the face of obstacles and difficulties. So can you.

Press on in cell ministry. Victory is in sight! Remember Paul’s words, “Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up” (Galatians 6:9).

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