The Other Wing

It’s been said that the cell church flies with two wings: cell and celebration.

While the cell groups require daily attention and nurture, let’s not forget about the other wing! (After all, when you’re in a plane at 35,000ft. it’s hard to decide whether the left or right wing is more important!)

While there is no such thing as “the cell church way to worship”, I believe that worship in a cell church is healthiest when it is synergistic with cells; that is, the worship experience adds life and power to the cells, and the cells add life and power to the worship.

A worship service can add to cell life when:

   – it doesn’t demand so much from those leading it that they can’t participate in cells

   – it is vital and appealing so that cell members naturally want to invite the unreached  friends that they are praying for in cell to the worship experience.

   – the teaching at worship can be leveraged in the cell discussion

   – the cell vision is advanced in the service through sermon illustrations and testimonies, not about “cell”, but about encountering Jesus in the context of the cell.

   – the service fuels the love and devotion of the cell members

The cell can add energy to the worship experience by developing believers who are growing and alive in Christ, and who come ready to worship, bringing their unreached friends, and who are ready to serve in the worship services as leaders or support servants.

How does your worship life add to your cell life, and vice versa?


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