Something Good about Eating

by Steve Cordle

Did you ever notice how much ministry in the New Testament happens around eating?

Several times Jesus was a guest a meals when significant spiritual exchanges took place. Of course, he shared the Last Supper with his twelve (and established that precendent for us, too.) Morevoer, heaven will even feature the “wedding supper of the Lamb” (Rev. 19:9)

I like to say to our leaders “there is something good about eating together”. In fact, it is my practice to have our cell share supper together about every 4-6 weeks. There seems to be a special dynamic among us when we do this. It not only bonds us (friends go out to eat with each other), but it also seems to create an increased level of openess and trust which translates into an even better time of prayer, discussion of the Bible’s application. Plus, it is a great time to bring new people to the meeting for the first time. Eating together is a natural activity, and something that unreached people know how to do!

Meals seem to be an integral part of house churches, and I am convinced that regular eating together can strengthen most cell groups.

Practically, we are careful to keep the meals simple, allow everyone to bring something according to their ability, and to invite the kids as well.

There’s something good about eating together!


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