Prayer Ideas


By Steve Cordle

Joel has been reminding and challenging us to make prayer the foundation for our cell ministry.

Here are a few more ways to build prayer into your cell ministry:

– distribute specific prayer focus points to your leaders for them to pray in concert in cells

– highlight answered prayer in weekend messages (nothing motivates prayer like answered prayer!)

– As part of the weekly cell meeting agenda, ask for accounts of answered prayer before praying for requests of the members

– If you are a pastor, hang the pictures of your cell leaders on the wall near your desk with a reminder to pray for them daily.

– Give each cell coach a frame with pictures of their leaders (for prayer reminder), and also allow the frame to contain a couple of blank spots as a way to envision future leaders

– set your cell phone alarm to ring daily at 10:02 to remind you to pray each daily in accordance with Luke 10:2 – that the Lord of the harvest would raise up more leaders in your ministry. Encourage each cell leader to do the same to pray for an apprentice.

– Encourage cells to do “prayer outreachs”; for example: a cell can set up a booth at a community fair where the members offer free popcorn and free prayer to all who come by. They can give a card with a group member’s cell phone number so the person can contact the group in the future.

– buy a gift subscription to “Pray!” magazine for each cell leader. 

Those are a few ways to stimulate prayer on your cell ministry – What other ideas do you have?



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