Cell Covenant that Includes Multiplication

I’ve had the privilege of multiplying my own cell here in Moreno Valley on several occasions. Each multiplication has had its accompanying pain and joy–a lot like a mother giving birth to a baby (I like to say that I sufffered more through child bearing than my wife, but she just chuckles at that suggestion. . . ).

I shared in a blog a few weeks ago that multiplication has been more difficult in my current cell group. One of the reasons is that I didn’t share the goal of multiplication upfront to those entering the group. Now I’m needing to backtrack and clarify the purpose of multiplication to the group. As I was wrestling on how to do this, the Lord showed me the concept of group covenants.

Small group covenants are not new. Many small groups use them. The word covenant is just another term that really means commitment. Thus, a small group covenant is a commitment that the group makes. A normal group covenant might include some or all of the following components:

  • agreement to show up on time
  • agreement to be there each week
  • agreement for to participate in the cell discussion
  • agreement to host the cell in different homes
  • agreement to lead different parts of the cell meeting
  • agreement to reach out to friends and neighbors
  • agreement to eventually multiply

I’ve never used a group covenant before. Nor have I taught people to use one. Yet, a group covenant would fit perfectly in my current circumstances. Why? Because the members of my cell have come into the group at different times and not everyone is on the same page. Using a group covenant will refresh some group members of principles they already know about. Others will hear of these principles for the first time. Everyone will understand the goal of multiplication.

I will first set forth the components of the covenant in the next few weeks, give the group a chance to think about it, and then we’ll come to agreement on it. As the group leader, I need to lead in such a winsome way that the group takes ownership for the covenant, rather than just telling them what to do. .

What are your thoughts on group covenants that include multiplication?


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