Power through Weakness

In last week’s blog, we talked about multiplication goals, but this is just one aspect of multiplication. The thrilling part of my study on cell group multiplication was the factores that had nothing to do with multiplication. I prepared a 29-questions handout, and at the very end there were three questions about whether the leader had multiplied his or her group. The other 27-questions had to do with a number of factors, such as personality, devotional life, etc.

If you’re interested in seeing the 29 question handout that was given to 700 cell leaders (as well as the general summaries), click here. If you’d like to see all the statistical details,click here.

The most satistfying part of the study was discovering those factors that had nothing to do with cell multiplication. For example, the leader’s gender, social class, age, marital status, or education had nothing to do with whether the leader could multiply a cell group.

Take education. There is no correlation between the amount of education a cell leader has and the ability to multiply a cell group. Actually, the statistics seemed to indicate that less-educated cell leaders multiply more consistently and more often! Do you tend to look for the better educated to lead cell groups? Think again. Perhaps your most fruitful future cell leaders will have very little education.

Of the 700 cell leaders in the study, 51 percent are women and 49 percent men. The data reveals absolutely no difference between leadership effectiveness and gender. Both show equal success when asked how many times the group multiplied.

The average age of cell leaders in the study was 33, but no age bracket claims the leading edge with regard to cell multiplication. No significant pattern emerged as far as marital status, either.

What about occupation? White-collared cell leaders, blue-collared cell leaders, professionals, and teachers were equally capable of multiplying cell groups.

The good news is that the anointing for cell multiplication doesn’t reside with just a few. God receives the most glory through weak people. It’s not wise to look for the “leader type” to facilitate the cell group. It’s best to look for those who are FAT (faithful, available, teachable).



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