Spending Time with God before the Cell Meeting

For the last two blogs, we’ve been looking at factors that had nothing to do with cell multiplication. Let’s now look at some things that have a lot to do with cell leadership and multiplication.

My blog on May 23 and 25th explored the cell leader’s devotional life and intercession for cell members. You’ll remember that these were key factors that DID correlate with cell multiplication.

Another aspect was the leader spending time with God in preparation for a cell meeting. The statistics clearly showed that spending time with God preparing the heart for a cell meeting is more important than preparing the lesson.

More than lesson preparation, small-group success depends on the leader’s personal spiritual preparation. It’s a mistake, in fact, to think that anything is more important than the leader’s spiritual preparation before the group starts (such as, refreshments, lessons, a vacuumed rug, etc.). Basking in God’s presence will fill a leader with the power, insight and confidence necessary to successfully lead the group to new heights.

I tell leaders to do themselves the favor of spending 30 minutes or even an hour in His presence before the small group starts. Even if time is scarce, it’s so important to MAKE time for soul preparation. The group will benefit from that time spent!



P.S.: If you’re interested in seeing the 29-question handout that was given to 700 cell leaders (as well as the general summaries), click here. If you’d like to see all the statistical details,click here

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