Training is Important

Another factor that correlated positively with cell multiplication was training. According to the survey, cell leaders who feel better trained multiply their cells more rapidly. However, training is not as important as the leader’s prayer life and goal orientation.

But training is essential. Training gives a future cell leader confidence. Training will never answer all the questions, but it does give the future leader the foundational principles to minister to others.

Training comes before multiplication. Sometimes people mistakenly think that the cell leader picks a willing member and says, “go lead the new cell group.” The proper order, rather, is “get into the equiping track and prepare to someday lead a new cell group.” Great cell churches have clear-cut equipping tracks that prepare regular church members to become future cell leaders. The path is clear and so are the steps to get there.

My book Leadership Explosion talks about the different training tracks among cell churches and the principles that characterize the best ones. I’ve also designed my own five-book equipping series that takes a person from salvation all the way to leading a cell group.

Why do you think training is important? or What are some key training principles that you’ve found important?


P.S.: If you’re interested in seeing the 29-question handout that was given to 700 cell leaders (as well as the general summaries), click here. If you’d like to see all the statistical details,click here

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