Tips to Connect Cell and Mission

During the cell/missions conference in Argentina, I was reminded about different ways to connect cell and mission. One cell church, for example, took up missionary offerings in the cell group. That is, the sole purpose for the cell offering was to give to missions. This particular church had 300+ cell groups, so the money raised through the cell groups for missions was significant.

Other cell churches reflect on missions during the WITNESS time in the cell. When I visited a cell group at Bethany World Prayer Center in Baker, Louisiana in 1996, the cell leader passsed out a pamphlet on a particular unreached people group during the WITNESS time. We prayed for that particular group, asking God to raise up missionaries among them. This is a great way to remind cell members that Christ is concerned for all peoples of the earth.

Some of the cell groups at York Alliance Church in York, PA, go on short-term mission trips. I heard exciting testimonies of cell groups ministering in El Salvador, Macedonia, and Germany. The cell groups plan the trip and go as a group. They then report back to the church what God has done.

I know that I was encouraged from my recent trip to Argentina to remember the intimate link between cells and missions. I hope you are as well!



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