COME and GO Evangelism

If you lead cells, I suspect that you have discovered the same thing I have: it is a lot easier for group members to show care for each other than to reach out to the lost. Groups seem to be natural at fellowship, but most of the time evangelism is less automatic.

One of the main ways group members think about evangelism is inviting people to the cell. This is great! When we find a spiritually open person who is open to attending the cell meeting, that is a huge win! As a leader, I love to see people inviting others to the meeting.

However, I have found that only a small percentage of unreached people will be immediately open to an invitation to COME. That is why we also need to encourage our members to GO. That is, to “go” get involved in the lives of unreached folks. (Long-time Christians sometimes find all the people they know are already Christians).

Instead of immediately inviting that new neighbor to the cell meeting, instead, invite that person to dinner. Then help him to remulch his flower bed, and go to the art exhibit his daughter entered. In other words, go get involved in his life. Along the way there will be opportunities to share faith, and eventually, to invite him to the group. He will be more open to the invitation after that relationship is built.

Instead of making cell outreach only invitational (though that’s still good!), also make it incarnational! Jesus said “GO into all the world…”


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  • I am a cell leader for 3 years now and am handling 2 cell groups a week. To God be the glory i now have 9 leaders and so my wife. my cells and wife’s are growing and people are coming to know the Lord Jesus. But I know there are still more who need Jesus out there. You are right! Invitation is good but still we must go! thank you brother! God bless you!


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