Cell Church Ministry Fine-Tuned by G12 Principles

  From my last two blogs, you might get the impression that I’m negative toward G12. I’m not. I actually love G12 principles. I even refer to myself as a cell church person fine-tuned by G12 principles. All my seminars and teaching are loaded with G12 principles. Yet, I think it’s best to stay in the cell church camp, while being refined by those principles. Why? Because the cell church movement is broader, allows for more options, and connects a pastor to an exciting worldwide family. So I’m actually excited about the possibilty of people like César Fajardo and Lucho Salas reminding and refreshing us with core G12 principles.

Here are some of the excellent adjustments that the G12 movement has contributed to the cell church:

-viewing everyone as a potential cell leader
-asking the leader of the mother cell to care for/coach the leader of the daughter cell
-developing a clear, dynamic equipping training track that prepared everyone for ministry
-emphasizing encounter-with-God retreats to ensure freedom from sinful strongholds, believing that holiness brings fruit
-prioritizing prayer and spirituality as keys to future growth

Sadly, ICM, began to promote the G12 model as the new revelation of God, asking people to follow it precisely—to adopt it and not adapt it.

My advice is to take these great G12 principles and use them to fine-tune your cell church ministry.

p.s.: I know that I said on Wednesday’s blog that I’d talk about “the temptation to follow models” today. However, I decided to wait until Monday to cover that topic.



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