One Christian discipline that helps us grow in our holiness is fasting. Fasting gives us a sensitivity to God that we don’t normally possess. Fasting helps us to concentrate on God, pray more fervently and overcome personal bondages. Fasting helps us to hear God’s voice because we become more sensitive to Him. It clears up the cobwebs in our brain and helps us see with spiritual eyes.

I’ve found that fasting helps me to have more power in my writing and speaking. If I have a writing deadline to meet, for example, I’ll resort to fasting. I just sense an added power, flow, and sensitivity to the Lord.

I’ve known Carl Everett, now director of BCCN at Bethany World Prayer Center, for eleven years. When I first met him in 1996, he had already multiplied his cell six times. Carl told me that he and his wife , Gaynel, would fast and pray the day of the cell meeting. Before the meeting, they anointed the food, the sidewalks, the yard, every room in the house, even each seat to be used that night. They waited until after the meeting (during the refreshment time) before eating. The Everetts’ example is not unusual at Bethany, where cell leaders are encouraged to fast and pray before the cell meeting. Some fast the whole day, others until 3 p.m., some may skip one meal. Carl says, “It is important to mobilize as many from the group as possible to fast and pray.”

What role does fasting play in your own life and ministry?

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