Unspectacular Ministry


by Steve Cordle

It can be exciting to hear about what is new and cutting edge. And since we want to be more effective in our ministries, we want to hear about fresh insights that we can use. This is all good.

Yet so much of what makes cell minsitry effective is simple and basic. It is doing the basics like praying for the group members and for the life of the cell. It is reaching out to the lost in love, it is spending time with an emerging leader. It can feel rather ordinary and so…daily.

Most of our group leaders do not need to hear about another ministry insight or technique – they just need to be faithful in the basics. Sure, creativity is important, but so often when I see a group that is struggling, the way forward is to return to basics. To the group which isn’t growing – have you been praying for specific lost people? Have you been reaching out to them and spending time with them? Have you actually invited a lost person to a group function? We do what we can and watch God do what only He can do.

If your group leadership doesn’t seem very spectacular, that’s normal! God can do some exciting things through cell ministry, but our part often seems ordinary.

So, keep on doing the basics of group life – so often it is in the ordinary that we see the supernatural God at work.


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