Summer Cell Barbeques

JeffHello, this is Jeff Tunnell, sitting in for Steve Cordle today (Steve is on vacation).

Last week was “Cell BBQ Week” for us. This is a time for ‘congregation’ meetings; i.e. when multiple cells come together for fun, food, friendship AND net fishing for new souls who have yet to accept Jesus as Savior.

We set it up like this: all cells that meet regularly on Monday forego their individual meetings and gather that night for a congregation BBQ (in our case this is about 6 cells per night). Tuesday cells meet Tuesday night, Wednesday, Thursday, etc. barbeque

This is a great time in which each cell is able to meet the members of other cells in a relational atmosphere. During the barbeque the cell members can introduce their friends to the concept of the weekly cell meeting and invite them to continue in relationship the next week. Before each barbeque concludes, I take the opportunity to greet those present and bring a simple word of encouragement and a message of “good news” which the cell leaders and members can follow up with their guests before going home.

The Cell (3-15 members), Congregations (5-10 cells) and Celebrations (all cells gathering to worship God for what He is doing in the cells) are part of the principle-centered approach to cell ministry. And summer is a good season for casual time and to do some ‘fishing’ together.

Net fishing is bringing in the harvest, expanding His kingdom, and multiplying cells for the Glory of God.

Cast your nets over the other side!



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