Summer Cell Outreach Ideas

joelYesterday, Jeff Tunnell talked about his church’s summer cell barbeques. I’ve been to one of those at Big Bear Christian Center, and they are awesome. What kind of summer outreach ideas are you planning? Here at Wellspring we’re planning two picnics in which all the cells will come together for fellowship but also to reach new people. One picnic will be at a local park and another at a Southern California Beach called Bolsa Chica Beach. We also will have our free car wash that we do each month in the summer. People are always wanting to pay something for us to wash their car, but we tell them that we’re doing it because God’s love motivates us. summer evangelism

Don Flynn, cell church pastor in Nutley, New Jersey, writes, “Two ideas I have tried recently with my neighbors: 1) I put together a co-ed volleyball team with 3 other people from my church and 7 others from the neighborhood, and we joined a town league. We got hammered, but had a great time. And bridges were built that we are continuing to cross; 2) I am trying to rally my neighbors to do a block party in September. They all love the idea. (“Personally, I don’t have time for this stuff. I am too busy working on my evangelism sermon series!” :-)”)

Don talks above about neighborhood evangelism. Celyce and I rejoiced last week to be invited over to our next door neighbor’s house to celebrate the wife’s 50th birthday! All of their close family and friends were present, so we counted it a great joy to be invited. We’ve been sowing seeds into their lives for six years with very little visible results. We see this is a key victory. 

Let’s face it, evangelism isn’t easy in the western world. IN FACT, it’s very difficult. So let’s keep pressing on! Let’s encourage each other to keep on reaching out. 



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