Team Ministry in the Cell Group

joelI like what Rob said yesterday about the importance of team ministry. Let’s apply this to the cell. Many cell leaders assume the mentality: “I’m the cell leader. I need to do all the work.” Wrong. atlasThe cell leader is the facilitator, not the work horse. The cell leaders is the person who orchestrates the work for the whole group to carry out.

Remember the concept of net fishing versus pole fishing? It’s the team that does the work. Everyone participates!

There’s too much work for one leader to do alone. Consider the pressures that a cell leader places upon himself when he embraces the statement “I need to do all the work.”

  • Prepare and facilitate all the various parts of the weekly meetings, making it look very polished and professional.
  • Personally reach your lost friends (and your member’s lost friends) for Christ.
  • Meet with everyone in the group as often as possible to mentor and disciple them into strong believers.
  • Train an intern or apprentice by having them watch what you do so that when he gets his own group, he’ll know what to do.

Instead of doing everything yourself — which will never create a feeling of community or new leaders — involve the team! Ask others to help you in every aspect of cell life and leadership. On Friday, I’ll give some practical steps to involve everyone in the cell.



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