Just How Do We Continue?

Jeff TunnellJeff Tunnell again, filling in for Steve Cordle. 

Cell-based ministry is difficult, not readily accepted by the masses, and feels like pushing an oversized bowling ball uphill.  It starts out as an awkward task and just about the time you have both hands behind it and are making progress there’s a bump in the road.  Now the ball moves to the right or left and wants to roll backward by gravitational pull.  You are forced to spend your time ‘chasing the movement’ to recapture your uphill direction.  When you arrest the ball from its sideways attempt and discover that you’re slightly off the original path chosen you make corrections to adjust.  Oh, and you’ve lost the momentum previously gained and start pushing as if you had never started.  What Fun!

Every bit of progress is made by EFFORT that has a worthwhile cause driving it.  Joel has often reminded his listeners of “Spoude”, the Greek word for “diligence”.  The word also carries the concept of “forwardness”, i.e., having a set mind to move ahead.

I have decided to follow Jesus, no turning back, no turning back…, you know the song?  We make this decision to follow Jesus because He alone is the Savior.  Pursuing Cell-based ministry is a similar decision, or should I say ‘conversion’?  It is against the grain, swimming upstream and in conflict with ‘norms’ of ministry – but it is right, biblical, relational (like Jesus) and long-term effective.

Don’t give up, stay the course, make the effort!  James 5:7

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