Practical Steps to Involve Others in the Group


  • On Wednesday, I talked about the need for team ministry in the cell group. Here are some of the things you can do:
      • Delegate all the various parts of your weekly meetings to others a month at a time and watch them learn as they do it. atlas
      • Ask someone in the group to be in charge of meeting refreshments, prayer, worship, and the ministry time.
      • Ask each member to host the cell group, as least occassionally.
      • Establish mentor-protégé relationships in your group (or accountability partnerships) and call them to see how they are doing. These relationship will be very fruitful if they have a difficult task to complete together, like your church’s discipleship or equipping track.
      • Meet with your intern or apprentice and together decide what the next steps are for your group. Then, let him or her learn by first-hand experience by leading the cell into one-another ministry and outreach, as well as facilitating weekly meetings. This will reduce your workload and give new leaders a vision for the future.

By involving others and forcing yourself to give away responsibility, the group will become an exciting place of ministry and growth. And you will not feel like Atlas, with the weight of the world on your shoulders.



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