God’s Presence in the Cell

joelWhen we worship in our small groups, God shows up. He blesses. He makes us alive. He does great things. At times, I feel so weak when I am leading my cell group. Yet, as we worship, He comes to the group. His life is manifested among us. God moves in a special way and brings a special peace.worship

How does your cell worship? I like to intermingle times of silence during and after worship songs. Both during and after worship, we allow time for people to pray out loud. We allow God to speak a prophetic word to the group. So often in Scripture, God manifested His presence through worship, and it’s vitally important to hear from Him during this time.

In one meeting, the leader concluded the lesson time by playing a CD of worship songs and just asked the members to remain in silence as the Holy Spirit ministered to them. The Spirit ministered to our souls as we just sat before the Lord for ten to fifteen minutes, and we left that time super-charged with joy. Several parents who were stressed due to demanding kids and schedules were especially touched. The worship time energized us to serve each other. Dynamic talk and fellowship characterized the remaining moments of that night.

Without Christ’s presence, the cell group is no different than a work party, a family gathering or a meeting of friends at a football game. Even if non-Christians are in attendance, Christ’s presence is often what the non-Christian really wants. Non-believers who attend a small group frequently want to know and experience the reality of God. Some have called this worship evangelism; it’s the idea that as we lift Jesus high, He’ll draw all people to Himself. Referring to His death, Jesus said, “But I, when I am lifted up from the earth, will draw all men to myself” (John 12:32). We need to face the fact that only God can draw someone to His presence.



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