Children and Cell Worship

joelMany intergenerational/family small groups allow children to stay in the small group during worship, but they then leave during the Word time for their own small-group lesson. Children often bless the small group with simplicity and clarity and remind adults that worship is not complicated. In my opinion,childrenWorship children super-charge the small-group atmosphere during times of praise and worship.

Some people think that children are a distraction, but I’ve found that just the opposite is true. Children reflect Christ’s nature and often draw others into His presence. And the side benefit is that children grow through watching their parents worship in a small, loving environment. At times, I like to stop and ask the children to pray or remind them of the words of the song.

My children lead worship in my family cell on Sunday evening–Nicole plays guitar and Chelsea plays drums. They not only bless the adults through their worship but they also grow in their musical talents. Children are a great blessing to cell ministry! 



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