Cell Worship Is More than Singing

joel Singing is an important part of worship, but it’s not the only activity. At a small-group seminar, one participant shared, “It’s important to go beyond singing songs. Our group has experienced God’s presence through reading psalms together, praying sentence prayers or even waiting in silence.”worship

Many leaders feel inadequate to lead times of worship because in their minds, they feel that they have to play guitar or worship like Matt Redman to lead God-honoring worship. I’ve experienced worship times in which the members choked out a joyful noise (and I do mean noise). Due to lack of guitar talent, some groups play a tape or CD, while the members follow along. I think this is a great idea, and we’ve done it in our own group on occasion. God doesn’t require a tabernacle choir. He looks at our heart motivation as we sing to Him.

Beyond the songs themselves, worship in an experience of drawing near to God and allowing God to draw near to us. It’s more than simply music; it’s coming before the living God with all of our hearts and seeking His face. It’s loving Him with all of our hearts and wanting Him above all else. Our inward motivation is critical to worship. Only God can break down the pride and carnality of a hardened heart. The worship experience tenderizes the hearts of those who are about to hear His Word, and He begins to work mightily in the lives of those who hear. It’s God’s Word that makes this possible.


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