Preparing Cell Worship Songs

joelEven though worship in the cell needs to go beyond singing, it does normally include singing. I counsel cell worship leaders to pick five to six songs before the group begins. Or the worship leader might invite small group members to select the songs before the worship time and then worshipsing them in sequence. I encourage the small-group leader to type the words of these five or six songs on a piece of paper and then distribute those song sheets to everyone in the group. Those who know the songs really well won’t need the sheets, but many will need them.

It’s a good idea for the leader to first give an exhortation to begin the worship time. One particular small-group leader would say, “Remember that God is looking at your heart. Reflect on the words of the songs while you’re singing and know that above all else, you’re pleasing God.” I’ve discovered that a simple exhortation like this makes a huge difference in the atmosphere.

When children are present during worship, I try to encourage them to understand that God loves them and wants to hear their praises to Him. Between songs, I might even ask one of the children to pray. Help your group to become sensitive to God, while asking Him to show you how to reach non-Christians. Put Him first in your group, and He’ll give you a new, dynamic atmosphere that will edify the saints and evangelize unbelievers.



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