God’s Word in the Cell

joel During the sharing of the Word in the small group (normally after the worship time), God speaks to our hearts through the Bible. Many small groups follow the same theme and Scripture passage as was used in the Sunday-morning message. Even if this is the case, it’s best not to discuss what the Biblepastor said on Sunday.

The people should interact with God’s Word, not with the sermon, which is merely the words of one human being. The reason is simple: If the sermon itself is the reference point, visitors and those who missed the celebration service will feel isolated. They’ll feel inhibited in freely participating in the group.

Remember that the Word and the Spirit-led worship go hand in hand. There’s a lot of truth in the oft-repeated phrase, “Without the Spirit, Christians will dry up, but without the Word of God, believers will blow up.” Both the Spirit and the Word are essential. God wants to use both to transform His Church through the small group. He uses the Word to keep us on track, but the only way we can apply the Word of God is through the Spirit of God.


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