An Encouraging Note

Isn’t it great to receive an encouraging note?  It lifts your spirit and helps you stay in the fight.  I received such a note a few weeks ago.  The note’s author is Tom who is a Southwest Airline pilot and cell leader in my church family.  Here are a few paragraphs.

“Reach, Connect, Disciple, Send.  These are four simple words that are on a banner in our worship center.  The banner, like the church, is not fancy; in fact, you may miss it unless you really look closely.  Yet the words on the banner have been experienced in my life.”

“When I first started to attend Cypress Creek Church, I thought it would be a typical American church in which I could sit quietly, unnoticed in the back and be fed the word of God.  No participation on my part was required.  I could stay in my little comfort zone.  Little did I know that I was being equipped to do the work of God in my city and beyond.”

“Not long after my first worship experience at CCC, a man took the time to REACH out and introduced himself to me.  We talked and eventually set up a time to have breakfast.  At this meal, or CONNECTION time, we talked about our families and our lives.  We talked more over the weeks ahead and eventually decided to commit to reading a few books of the Bible.  You see, what he was very gently doing was beginning a DISCIPLING relationship with me.  I learned so much from this man as he took the time to disciple and mentor me.”

“The last word:  SEND.  I lead a cell group each week with my wife.  I have the opporunity to disciple other men.  I have walked dusty trails in foreign lands to share God’s word with not-yet believers.  And here is a stretch:  I’ve even shared my faith journey with friends at work.  I now look forward to when God is going to stretch me because I know that I am going to see God at work in my life and the lives of those around me.”

“Reach, Connect, Disciple, Send.  These are four words that meant nothing to me in the beginning, but now I see how this experiential process is one way for equipping God’s people to live out the Great Commission.”

My friends, do not grow weary….May God grant you encouragement this day and week as you follow Him. 


by Rob Campbell


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