Mobilizing Blessing


By Steve Cordle

Often, when I see a picture of a cell group, it is a circle of people in a living room. And, appropriately, that is what our groups look like much of the time.

But in order for our groups to be true Kingdom outposts, they also need to break out of the living room and engage the hurting and needy people of its community from time to time.

Of course, evangelism extends the Kingdom. But we also demonstrate the kingdom when we feed the hungry and clothe the naked. Groups can do that well!  I’ve seen groups gather and distribute clothing for the homeless, repair the homes of people who can’t do it themselves, and contribute money to support a child overseas, among many other acts of service. In fact, a woman in the group I now lead first connected with our church when a men’s group changed her oil for free. She is now a growing disciple of Jesus.

Do your groups get out of the living room regularly? If so, they are reflecting the kingdom by pushing back hurt and pain in Jesus’ name. If not, give it a try and see the blessing flows both ways!

What serving ideas have worked for your groups?

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