Will You Take The Risk?

Joel’s recent blogs on the writings of Roland Allen have been super!  Looking forward to Joel’s book concerning church planting.  Thanks Joel.

Allen writes, “My prayer is that we’d not make excuses for our lack of risk-taking, but that we would learn to trust God to raise up disciples.” 

I post this blog to those who are pondering the risk of church planting.  Maybe you are considering planting a cell church or funding a new cell church.  The “risk” factor is immense, isn’t it?  I trust you have studied cell church planting and you feel like you have a good grasp on what it takes.  I affirm you for your preparation.  I trust that God has birthed in you the desire to participate in such an endeavor after much prayer…talk time with spiritual mentors….study of the scriptures, and more.

I want to share briefly how I believe God gave me the “green light” to plant a cell church fifteen years ago.  First, did I believe that God was asking me to plant a church?  After months of wrestling with this question, I believed the answer to be “Yes.”  Next, was my wife supportive of this idea?  We talked, she prayed…I gave her plenty of time and she said, “Well, okay- let’s do it.”  Third, what did my spiritual mentors and ministry colleagues think of the idea?  I chatted face-to-face with them and gave them plenty of time to pray and give me their counsel.  They were very supportive of the idea.  Finally, I waited.  I don’t remember for how long, but I wanted to see if the desire and passion would increase over time, or go away.  God granted to me a great excitement for church planting.

Are these questions and thoughts perfect and complete?  Not at all.  I’m sure one could throw in many other facets of considering whether to plant a church like a church planter’s self-assessment, personality tests, etc.  These are all perfectly fine, just not my own experience.

What I’m saying to you today is ponder Allen’s words above.  Are they applicable to you in the context of church planting?  Maybe they are words that are most applicable to the cell you currently lead.

What risk is God asking of you?


by Rob Campbell



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