Mixing It Up

I went fishing with a cell leader in my church family yesterday.  He and his wife have been leading a cell for five years or so.  In the last six years, he has started a family (they now have three children) and a business.  Needless to say, life has been full.  Their cell members include about thirty people including children (if everybody turns out for the gathering).  They are working with their network pastor concerning multiplication.  The cell is made up of couples in their twenties and thirties– so it’s a young couples’ cell for the most part.

In the context of cell life, the couple leading this cell have been through a whole array of emotions throughout the years.  Excitement… confusion…feeling alone…joy…feeling bonded with others…and more.  I guess that’s part of cell leadership, eh?  Concerning his cell, my fishing buddy made it clear to me:  “Rob, we are a family.  We are together because we want to do life together.  We don’t choose to journey alone.”  Now hearing that warms any cell pastor’s heart, correct?

As we were driving back from the Guadalupe River, he asked me, “Do you know what our cell is doing now?”  I said, “Tell me.”  He responded, “We do something different at each gathering over a five week period.  The first week, we discuss the message on Sunday and go through the outline.  The second week of the month we pray…for the whole gathering.  The third week we discuss the message on Sunday and go through the outline.  The fourth week, we have game night.  The fifth week, we have short movie night (Example:  Rob Bell DVD) and discussion.”

Maybe this idea is for you…maybe not.  Possibly, a variation of such an idea would be ideal for your cell.  Personally, I like the freedom that the network pastor has given to this cell and others.  Don’t you think it’s time for the cell movement in North America to…try some new things?…to bless creative means of coming together?… and more.

A final question:   Is it necessary for a cell to do the same thing week in and week out in the actual cell meeting? 

This cell seems to be fishing with quite a nice net!  By the way, this cell leader guy caught the biggest fish and the most fish yesterday at the river.  But, I didn’t get skunked. 

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by Rob Campbell


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