If you didn’t get a chance to read Joel’s post yesterday, please check it out.  His challenge in releasing leaders may require a CHANGE of mind for many. 

Even the strongest Christ followers can experience upheaval during periods of transition or CHANGE.  This is true because change is often accompanied by pain.  We hate to hurt.  These feelings are legitimate and don’t necessarily signify a lack of faith. 

We live in an ever evolving world of change.  For example, only 20 years ago, there were 50,000 computers in the world.  Now, that many computers are being installed on a daily basis.  Approximately 1,000 new products are introduced into America’s supermarkets every month.  The annual rate of growth for Internet traffic is 341,000%.  Yet, 69% of the American public adhere to the following belief:  “I do not like change!”  Change will not go away; it will only get faster.

Author Ed Skidmore offers the following timely truths about CHANGE:

1.  Organizations which refuse to change eventually die.

2.  No change, even positive and beneficial change, will be accepted by everyone in the organization.

3.  The benefits of change are seldom understood broadly until the change has been in effect for a while.

4.  The goal of any change is not absolute perfection but advancement and growth toward a targeted improvement.

5.  The risk of change is that the goal will not be met, but the avoidance of risk leads to stagnation and apathy within the organization.

6.  Change always costs something even if it only costs time, energy, and creativity.  Therefore, the homework of change is accurately and realistically counting the cost of change as well as the cost of the status quo.

7.  All change, no matter how long-term, is temporary.  The implementation of change will never negate the need for future changes.

Now, think of this.  A life with Christ is a life of change; the God we serve is a changeless God.

Is a change of mind (and heart) on the horizon for how you release leaders….how you “do” church…how you display church?


by Rob Campbell



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