The Greatest of These Is…

The greatest of these is…. LOVE.  In Joel’s recent posts, he has been highlighting people around the world who are caring for the hurting.  Indeed, a good majority of these individuals are in quite hopeless situations.  The reason that these cells and/or cell churches care to help others is anchored in their love for God.  If we do anything “right,” then let’s love God and others. 

Love is a verb.  Love is action oriented.  Love never fails.  Perfect love casts out fear.  Those who love and care for you– show up.  They are present in your times of sorrow, discouragement and despair.  They also rejoice in your victories, successes and triumphs. 

Love also sends.  This past weekend, I had the opportunity to worship with Palabra de la Vida, a cell church in El Cercado, Mexico (thirty miles south of Monterrey).  This cell church is led by Pastor David Grimaldo and his wife, Lorena.  For the past ten years, I have watched this church transition to cells, grow in their passion for God through worship and prayer, reach out to not-yet believers, and more.  The church is full of love, excitement, and vision.

Here’s one example.  I asked Pastor David a few years ago to consider coming to San Marcos, Texas and begin a spanish speaking cell church.  To make a long story short– David accepted the opportunity.  This past Sunday during worship, I watched his church family love him…by sending him.  They didn’t try to hold on to him.  To be clear, they desperately want him to stay, but they trust God and Pastor David.  I believe that this church family in El Cercado AND the new cell church in San Marcos will flourish.  You see, their vision is anchored in love for God and others.

How, then, do we help the hurting?  First, we pray that God’s love will be stirred up in our hearts.  Next, we accept the fact that God is not calling us to change the world alone.  We need Him and we need others.  Finally, as a cell, we extend the love of God to those who are hurting…those who need to experience a God of love.

Find a need outside of your cell and go for it!  Your cell will be changed.  You will have a story to tell about the goodness of God.


by Rob Campbell


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