Passing the Baton

by Steve Cordle

“Passing the baton” is often  used as a metaphor for developing leaders. While the image might have limitations, it does communicate two ideas which are vital to development of new leaders: proximity and hand-off. So here are a few questions which can prompt our thinking about how we are developing leaders.

1. Who am I regularly spending time with in order to intentionally build into their lives?

         We can’t pass the baton until we are next to our teammate. We develop new leaders best from close up. Have some fun, hang out, serve together.

2. How am I sharing my connection with God with the person I am mentoring?

           This is foundational to disciple-making. The disciples watched Jesus pray.  Wayne Cordeiro does devtions with those he develops. how do you do it?

 3. How am I sharing my vision?

           The passion for reaching a lost world is best stoked by another flame. I still remember the fist-pumping joy my college roomates showed then they led someone to Christ. It helped instill that passion for the lost in me.

            You can also share the vision you have for the emerging leader. The guy from my group which I am currently discipling one-on-one asked me “Why did you pick me to do this?” I told him it was because I was confident he would in turn disciple someone himself. He took that to heart and has already started discipling another guy from our group.

You probably have your own questions – maybe you can share them with us!


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