Adjustments to Everyone a Leader

JOELThis has been a very healthy discussion about seeing everyone as a potential cell leader. Steve Cordle mentioned the importance of leading in a one-on-one situation. He shared some of the adjustments he’s been making in preparing leaders. In yesterday’s post, Rob Campbell talked about his own journey in preparing leaders. birds

I’ve also made some adjustments over the years. For example, my five-book basic equipping series finishes with the book called Lead. That book is specifically designed to prepare a person to lead a cell group. Yet, I now teach that when person has finished Lead, he or she might personally lead a cell or be part of a leadership team that starts a new cell. There was a time that I taught that a person needed to be the sole leader of the cell. Now I teach that a person might be part of the a leadership team that starts a new cell. Why? I’ve becoming increasingly convinced that team leadership is so critical in cell ministry. I rejoice in those who can start a cell from scratch. Yet, another option is to encourage lay people be part of a leadership team.

Another adustment I’ve made is to use the word disciple-maker rather than the word leader. I’ve found from experience that it’s simply more Biblical to use the term “disciple who makes other disciples” than to use leader. If we can help each person to become a disciple who makes other disciples, we’re helping people to understand the Biblical base for ministry. I teach that a D-1 disciple is some who is in a cell. A D-2 disciple is someone who is in the equipping track and is participating in the life of the cell. A D-3 disciple would be taking someone else through the equipping track either one-o-one or one-on-three, etc. A D-4 disciple would either be part of a leadership team that starts a new cell or someone who is leading the team. A D-5 disciple would have multiplied the cell, etc. The goal, then, is to get everyone through the process.

The main reason for quoting so much from Leadership Explosion lately is to help open our eyes to the possiblities around us. Jesus wants us to raise up an army of “disciples who makes other disciples.”

For more on seeing everyone as a potential leader/disciple-maker, click here.




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