Conflict and Christmas

Conflict is a central component to the Christmas story.  God sent himself to provide a pathway for man to be reconciled to the Creator.  In essence, mankind was in conflict with God.  Potential conflict, very real conflict, and conflict that led to terror are all present in the story of Christmas.

Consider Joseph and Mary’s predicament.  Consider Mary’s parents:  “Now, tell me exactly what happened one more time, please young lady.”  Think of the terror of Herod.

Indeed, conflict lurks around the Christmas experience today.  For many, the Christmas season is painful because of some “unopened boxes” labeled “unresolved conflict.”  Many folks “grin and bear” the season dreading their time with their family of origin, extended family, and/or Uncle Fred and Aunt Phyllis.

As a reminder, conflict is common to all relationships and is seldom every resolved accidentally.  Further, the choices that you make during conflict will either drive you apart or bind you together.  Do you remember being taught the various stages of a cell’s existence?  The first stage is the honeymoon stage.  Next, conflict happens.  The third stage can be resolution.  Finally, the cell has the opportunity to grow deeper in relationship if the conflict is handled in the spirit of Christ.

Be attentive to those in your cell who are experiencing the reality of conflict this holiday season.  They need someone to provide care, comfort, a listening ear, and wise counsel.

A closing thought:  It is more rewarding to resolve a conflict than it is to dissolve a relationship.

“Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up.”

by Rob Campbell



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