God’s Way to Grow Leaders


Rob challenged us to share one of our favorite leadership lessons. I love the following. stepOUT

J. Ortberg wrote in his book If You Want to Walk on Water, You’ve Got to Get Out of the Boat: “Most people I know love to hear stories and images about the powerful God we serve. But here is the problem: that information alone is not sufficient enough to create courageous human beings. …What am I doing that I could not do apart from the power of God? … Is there any challenge in your life right now that is large enough that you have no hope of doing it apart from God’s help? If not, consider the possibility that you are seriously underchallenged.”

“Peter failed. He sank. But I think there were eleven bigger failures sitting in the boat. .. The worst failure is not to sink in the waves. The worst failure is to never get out of the boat.”

It’s when I feel the waves rolling over me, and I have to cry out to God for help that I grow the most spiritually. Like you, I hate those moments. Everything in me longs for peace, safety, and tranquility. The problem is this: we don’t grow if we don’t have to fight. “Where there’s no pain, there’s no gain” is literally true in the spiritual realm.

Onward, Christian soldiders.



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