Reproducing Leaders

joelIn chapter three (Cell Reproduction: The Guiding Start of Leadership Development) of Leadership Explosion, I explore the subject of cell newLEADERSmultiplication:

Our natural, human tendency steers us to maintain the normal, the status quo. We want the warmth and communion of the small group to continue forever. It won’t. In refreshing others, we are refreshed. Members of a team will never reach full potential unless they are able to grow to point of leading others. Unless provision is made for a cell member to become a cell leader, he never has the chance to exercise his spiritual muscles and truly depend on the living God.

Recently, I received a compliment from one of my cell leaders. He said, “Joel, the reason I like this church is because you were concerned about me. You kept on inviting me to your cell group. But you didn’t stop there. You prepared me and launched me out into ministry.” Paul is fulfilled in his new cell leadership position. I could have held tightly to Paul in my own cell group. But by sending him out, he’s able to exercise his own gifts and talents, while the church continues to grow.

It’s my growing conviction that cell multiplication and reproduction is the chief motivation behind leadership development. Effective cell churches tailor their training to fulfill the objective of cell multiplication. The genetic code of cell multiplication is instilled in each leader from the first moment he or she begins leading the new group.
Cell multiplication is so central to cell ministry that the goal of cell leadership is not fulfilled until the new groups are also reproducing. The new group can only be considered viable if it eventually births a new group itself.

You can probably feel the radical nature of the above comments. I’ve learned since coming back to the U.S. from Ecuador in 2001 that multiplication might take a lot longer than in Ecaudor. Yet, the principles of the above comments remain true.




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