Focused Training

joelIn chapter three (Cell Reproduction: The Guiding Start of Leadership Development) of Leadership Explosion, I talk about multiplication. In the following two paragraphs I connect training to mutliplication: FOCUSED

If cell multiplication is the principal goal of each cell leader, then leadership training must fulfill that purpose. This focus will dispose of a lot of fuzziness and fog from the first day of training. It will hone the leader in those areas that will make cell multiplication a reality. It will transform generalized training program into specialized training. Instead of training a standing army, it will prepare a lightning task force that concentrates on the one thing, the most important task of cell leadership.

A clear focus on cell multiplication will help potential leadership gain confidence and clarity. It will also help the leader to pastor the members and train new ones. Why? So that the group will reproduce itself.


Now let me be clear. The principal goal of all of life is to glorify Jesus Christ. Amen. I’m inferring this in the above paragraphs. I also want to clarify that other aspects of the cell are exceedingly important also–evangelism, community, etc. I am saying, however, that when a church has a clear focus on developing new leaders that multiply cell groups, the training becomes focused. Rather, than just generalized Christian education, the equipping turns into preparing the laity for the battle.




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