Building Leaders

joelI finish chapter three of Leadership Explosion with the following three paragraphs: HOMEgroup

A number of cell disciplines contribute to cell multiplication, but I believe the primary one is leadership development. Successful cell churches understand that without new leadership, multiplication will not happen. The principal job of the cell leader is to train the next cell leader—not to fill the house with guests.

Your primary objective in small group ministry is not to build groups. Rather, we develop small groups so we can build leaders, because leaders build groups. Remember, a small group is never an end in itself.

Empowering and releasing people to lead is the goal. Non-Christians must be converted into members and then developed into leaders. George says, “But small groups are not the solution to what the church needs most desperately. Rather, churches rise and fall on the availability of trained, talented, and Spirit-gifted leadership. And the best possible context anyone has ever discovered for developing leadership occurs because of a small group.”


Carl George wrote the above quote back in eighteen years ago. And he’s still right!

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