Inspect what you Expect


by Steve Cordle


 As important as it is to think through how we train future leaders, it is just as important to be intentional about how we lead those who are currently in mnistry.

When we develop a leadership training process, we generally start with the question “What do I expect these emerging leaders to do and to be?”, then we develop people in those spiritual and in minstry areas.

Once people become leaders, we also need to ask how we nurture and develop those same areas. An old management maxim is that we need to inspect what we expect.

So if you have some expectations of your leaders’ spiritual life, how do you “inspect” that? It is not wise to just assume they are growing spiritually and staying close and clean.

Assuming you have specific expectations of the leader when it comes to ministry tasks and roles, how do you “inspect” their fulfillment of those without coming across as overbearing?

After all, what does it say to leaders if we never ask them about how they are living out what we taught them to do and be?

How do you go about this matter of ‘inspecting” what you “expect”? What process do you use? Share with us your ideas!




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