Back to the Basics


Adding to Joel and Rob’s thoughts on broken cells :

Ultimately the results of our ministry is in the hands of the Lord. However, it is important that we do what we can so He may do what only He can.

When a group isn’t going well it is important to check the basics. No amount of clever scheming will help a football team win if it can’t  block, tackle, and execute well. A group needs to do certain fundamentals, too.

 * Is the group relationally connected?
  – Try group bonding activities, serving one another, eat together!

 * Are they sensing the Lord’s presence in their midst during the meeting?
  – testimonies, answered prayer, seasons of prayer, worship

 * Have the group members been praying for and reaching out to lost people?
  – Do they have a list of specific people they are praying for? Invite comments about outreach efforts that week, and plan some as a group.

 * Has the group been responsive to acting on the Word of God?
  – Follow-up Q’s about how they lived out last week’s lesson

 * Does the group serve beyond itself?
  – Plan a service project to someone in need…

A coach can help a leader diagnose where the problem lies and strategize through prayer some ways to address it.

Leadership is crucial- yet sometimes the problem is that the leader has not given away enough of the ministry. Meaningfully mobilizing more members is often a way forward.



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