EASTER Celebration

The early pioneers of the cell movement in America tapped into a beautiful metaphor concerning the cell church.  They stated, “The cell church is a two winged church– cells and celebration.”  They explained the metaphor by talking about how the church really soars when both wings are flapping.  Yet, when only one wing is operational– well, the end result is a church flying in repetitive circles.  It’s a a good visual…not a perfect metaphor, but helpful.

With that said, Easter is soon at hand.  Some cell churches really promote their Easter Celebration services.  Other cell churches do not excessively promote their Easter Celebration services.

I’m wondering…shouldn’t we capitalize on the EASTER Celebration service?  With prayer and some smart thinking, couldn’t we actually see some individuals integrated into cell life because they chose to show up on Easter?

So…what are your thoughts?  Should we radically promote EASTER Celebration service or not?  How do you encourage your church family to invite friends/family?  OR… Why do you not choose to “make a big deal” about EASTER Celebration?

Please comment.

by Rob Campbell


P.S.– Thanks for your prayers for the JCG team last week.

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