The “D” Word

JEFFJeffry A Tunnell, filling in for Rob Campbell this week.

It was my privilege to spend time with the board of the Joel Comiskey Group at their annual meeting. This group has taken on the large mission of trainingresourcing the Cell-based church worldwide and yet demonstrates an unshakeable confidence in approaching and accomplishing the “race set before them” with eyes focused on Jesus, the author and finisher of our faith. Kudos to the Joel Comiskey Group and Godspeed!

A regular discussion of cell-based churches is how we define a “disciple” in order to provide focus for developing a training track (equipping component) for discipleship. After all, this is the directive of the Savior in Matthew 28:18-20, which we must accept with complete seriousness. In the transitioning church, which is moving from program to cell, this question is of utmost importance because we have been previously trained toward competing for the Sunday morning crowd as a standard for success. The ABCs (Attendance, Buildings and Cash) must no longer be our goal orientation. We need to regroup on the outcome desired by thinking strategically about reaching the end product of a process that produces spiritually mature believers who are strong in character and practice.

Some questions to ask: What is a disciple? What does the process of discipleship look like? What does a disciple do? What are obstacles to successful disciple-making?

Now, what is your target and how will you hit it?

Jeff Tunnell

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