Caught Rather than Taught

joelLast Saturday I taught a cell seminar in Monrovia, CA. I took with me my associate pastor, Denis Muñoz. On the way home, I asked Denis what he caughtNOTtaughtthought of the seminar. “I liked it,” he said. “Yet, I felt the people wanted something even more practical.” At first I was taken back. I was very practical, I justfied to myself. Why wasn ‘t Denis simply overflowing with praise for the seminar?

Yet, as I continued to reflect on his words, I grew to appreciate Denis even more. You see, Denis was born again in a cell group at Elim Los Angeles Church. From new birth, he began to grow in the cell atmopshere. Eventually, he became a cell leader, multiplication leader, and supervisor. He then started leading English speaking youth cells at Elim before joining us at Wellspring in January. From new birth, Denis has caught a very practical way of cell praying, visiting, planning, and multiplying cells. His practical cell ministry has already been bearing fruit at Wellspring.

The truth is that the best, most practical type of cell ministry is CAUGHT rather than TAUGHT. In reality, there’s only so much you can TEACH people about cell minstry. The best, most practical stuff, is taught by example within the cell (and cell system).

Have you found this to be true? Why or why not?

Joel Comiskey

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