Increasing Leader Confidence

by Steve Cordle


“I could never be a leader.” How often have you heard a group member say that?

If we are going to see more effective group leaders in our ministries, we need to help people find leadership confidence in Christ.

Leader confidence is built on at least two foundational sources:

1) Internalizing our spiritual resources. “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.”  

    This is an extension of spritual growth. As people grow in their experience of Jesus’ power and promises, they see God as faithful and personal. What are we doing to help people experience His intervention? One on one disciplesihp is often a prelude to a young believer becoming open to ministry. It then becomes a matter of helping them apply their growing relationship with Jesus to serving experiences.

2. Building on postive ministry experiences.

   When we give people small tasks for the group, we give them a chance to develop their ministry muscles gradually. With a few wins: under their belts, they are able to trust God for increasingly larger minstry outcomes.

I only ask people to consider becoming my apprentice after I have had a chance to do some one on one disipleship and also see them in a series of small ministry tasks. By that time they are almost expecting me to approach them with that larger challenge! It is then a natural step. Without that preliminary experience, the step seems too big.


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